Oh, hi there! I'm Anida, UI/UX designer specializing in UI Animation
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What we believe in
Passionate creative with a strong sense of empathy and compassion, striving towards creating useful, innovative, and long-lasting design solutions.
Some of my selected PROJECTS


Oasis is a native iOS and Android app which is designed to make caring for houseplants as easy as possible, by providing the user with necessary information on how and when to tend to their plants.



Bean&Brew is an online store offering customers the finest organically grown coffee beans and high-quality coffee making equipment and accessories, all in one place. The intuitive, easy to navigate app with its smart features provides the customers not only with the finest products, but also with the ultimate shopping experience.



Wave is an 80s music player app, providing the users with a huge array of artist and songs from the 80s. The app is minimal, simple and user-friendly. With the dark themed design and the few neon accents,  it evokes a feeling of 80s nostalgia.



MIDORI is a responsive recipe web application that centers around vegan Japanese-inspired cuisine. The web app will allow users to browse a big database of vegan recipes with easy-to-follow cooking instructions for an overall more enjoyable cooking experience.



Zendo is a meditation app that provides its users with a platform to easily access their desired meditation practices. It gives a clear overview of all the available meditations. Users can browse, play, and save their favorite meditations to their user profile.

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